Health and Safety

Can a PET water bottle be refilled and reused?  

Yes.  Single-use PET bottles can be refilled at home so long as they are washed thoroughly between uses.  It's a common misconception that refilling and reusing a PET bottle will somehow cause the bottle to degrade, release harmful substances or cultivate bacteria. P ET is a stable, inert material that doesn't biologically or chemically degrade with use, and is resistant to attack by micro-organisms. 

The refilling and re-use of any bottle first requires careful cleaning.  Always use soap or detergent and hand-hot water (up to 60°C/150°F).  Dry thoroughly to make sure it is sanitary and free of moisture, which can promote bacterial growth.   Consumers should avoid re-using any bottle that has been scratched inside, since bacteria can become lodged in scratches.