New video campaign shows how recycled plastics are reborn

UK-based plastics recycling campaign, Pledge 4 Plastics, has launched a short film that spreads awareness on the various ways in which plastics packaging can be recycled in order to increase collection efforts. Led by member-based plastics recycling organization Recoup (Peterborough, United Kingdom), the campaign points out how people in the UK toss out 15 million plastic bottles that could be recycled and used to create a range of useful items.

The 60-second video exposes the ‘secret lives’ that pieces of plastic packaging lead after they are recycled. It also places emphasis on bottles and pots, tubs and trays (PTT), of which only 30% are recycled from UK households every year.

Stuart Foster, CEO of Recoup said: “It’s common knowledge that you can, and should, recycle plastics bottles used for water, fizzy drinks and juice. Our insights, however, indicate that when it comes to plastics bottles for shampoo, household cleaners and bleach, cooking oil, table sauces, moisturizer and garden and car products, recycling levels are much lower. This drops further when it comes to things like butter tubs, fruit punnets and yoghurt pots.” 

“The aim of this video is to educate people in a really digestible format, showing examples of what kinds of plastics can be recycled—and, importantly, the diverse range of things they could become afterwards. We hope this surprising information will encourage people to share the video and, in turn, recycle more of their household plastics." 


Environmentalist and writer Jonathon Porritt added: “These transformative examples show the wide variety of possibilities about how recycled plastics can touch so many areas of our lives, without us even knowing about it. What an amazing material—plastics packaging coming back as your favorite football club’s shirt, your child’s toy, and even as parts of your car.” for the video