Ensuring the European PET industry is sustainable.can grow.keeps developing.

The Committee of PET Manufacturers in Europe (CPME) is a European non-profit trade association based in Brussels, Belgium. It represents all of the European PET resin producers who are collectively responsible of more than 3 million tonnes of virgin PET production. The main European producers of Terephthalic Acid (PTA) - the major PET feedstock - are Associate Members of CPME. 

Effective, Sustainable & Compliant PET manufacturing in in Europe

Management of PET Product Stewardship Issues,Proactively work on market issues that can negatively impact the acceptance of PET, General awareness and engagement of market developments, supporting PET, Working on fair trade policies aligned to WTO and Trade Defense Instrument Regulations..


Engage globally with stakeholders to monitor and react to market forces that threaten the sustainability of Global/European PET manufacture.

Trade Organizations

Working with other trade organizations to ensure that products developed and entering the market as either virgin or recycled PET are fit for purpose in terms of product safety, environmental impact and sustainability.


Interacting with the whole PET value chain as necessary.

Position Papers

Generate Position Papers and communicate on PET Industry focussed issues.


Keep up to date with market forces and interact with internal and external stakeholders to develop expertise.


CPME aims to achieve its Mission by nurturing and facilitating fair open and legal trade according to WTO rules. CPME believes that the most important part of our mission is the health and safety of our staff and customers. We do this by the application of responsible care codes and strict monitoring and application of all health, safety and environmental legislation.