• 08 February 2017
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BP p.l.c. is the is one of the world's largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday itemsBP’s Global Chemicals business has operations in Asia, with manufacturing sites in China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as the Americas, and Europe; and with sales activities in all continents. The business manufactures the feedstocks for use in the Textiles, Plastics, Paints and Adhesives industries.Globally, the Business focuses on two specific but versatile types of chemicals: aromatics and acetyls. The Aromatics product like PTA (purified terephthalic acid)is a constituent part of Polyester. BP invented PTA, a key ingredient for making recyclable PET bottles, the ones most water and soft drinks are sold in. PTA is also used in clothing, home textiles, carpets and industrial fibre products. Acetyls like Acetic Acid is one of the world’s most important raw materials for the production of a whole range of items in endusers’ shopping basket, from washing powder and paints to plastic drink bottles and food packaging.  BP also produces Acetic Anhydride, which is used in the manufacture of a number of pharmaceuticals such as aspirin and paracetamol.  It is also found in textiles, plastics, x-ray film and extensively used to produce washing bleaches.The objective of BP’s Global Chemical Business is to produce and supply products that are critical building blocks for a wealth of consumer products in the world's growth markets, cost-effectively and in an environmental friendly way, through employing the best people, taking care of our community, and delivering value to our shareholders.

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