Yes, it is.  Although glass has been recycled virtually continuously since its invention and its recycle is a well-established industry, PET can be collected in the same way and recycled by washing and remelting in a similar manner to glass.  Recycling of PET bottles is now a common practice in most industrialised countries.  However, because PET can be used for a variety of other applications it is not always recycled into new bottles.  Melting and forming fibre products is the historic choice for the recycled PET material, as these markets are well developed.  Sheets and strapping tapes are other considerable outlets for recycled PET.There are many technologies to allow purification of recycled PET to a level that is more than satisfactory for use in food grade applications.  In Europe these processes and their raw material sourcing must be approved by the EC on EFSA’s recommendation and are subject to strict monitoring.The selection of the most appropriate outlet for recycled PET must be done on a case by case basis, by looking at both the environmental impact and the economics of each envisaged application.