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PET manufacturers call on Commission to protect European single market

PET representatives address International Symposium on Sustainability in Venice International University on October 1st

The Committee of PET Manufacturers in Europe (CPME) has called on the European Commission to protect the European single market. CPME participated at the 6th International Symposium on Sustainability presenting its position during a session titled “THE PET Case – The Value Chain on the Forefront of Ecological Transition”. The trade association pointing out the risks to the European single market and the rise of greenwashing due to a fragmented approach to SUP Directive transposition by Member States.

“The Single Use Plastic Directive has a clear vision for a circular future, yet its transposition at member state level is fragmented and inconsistent. For example, paper cups lined with plastic are exempt in Italy yet covered elsewhere. Regulations risk being branded as ‘greenwashing’. The Commission must act to protect our single market and respect for regulations. Sustainability requires a pragmatic approach where science needs to prevail over ideology.” Chairman of CPME Antonello Ciotti said.

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