Eco Plastics and Aurelius: the next phase 

By Hamish Champ, 12 December 2014

It’s hard to disagree with one aspect of Jonathan Short’s assessment of the sale of Eco Plastics – the company he founded – to German investment group Aurelius.

He described the deal, announced today, as a vote of confidence in the UK’s recycling sector. And so it would seem.

Aurelius has investments valued more than €1bn (£0.7bn) under its control, everything from IT specialists to chemical concerns, drinks groups to manufacturers of products which soften the footfall of millions of people, some of whom may walk to their cars and turn on an in-car stereo made by another of its companies.

Ratcliffe: Europe must go for shale gas 

By David Eldridge. 7 November 2014

The chemicals industry faces dire consequences if Europe does not develop low-cost energy to make it competitive with other regions like the US which is benefiting from shale gas, says Jim Ratcliffe, chairman of Ineos


“Europe has invested three times as much in renewables as the US has spent on shale. Europe’s energy balance gets 5% from renewables and the US gets 50% from shale. So who looks smarter, the Europeans or the Americans?” said Ratcliffe.