Plastics industry lays out EU policy manifesto 

By David Eldridge, 4 November 2014

The European plastics industry has published a manifesto alerting Brussels to the many impediments it faces and which it hopes will influence EU policy. The wide ranging manifesto, written by leading trade bodies PlasticsEurope and EuPC, makes recommendations to policymakers, seeking their support for the industry’s competitiveness which is under threat from regulation, high energy costs and negative perceptions.

By Kristin Clarke /Jun 24, 2014(iStock/Thinkstock)

As millions of Americans head to the beach this summer in search of sun, surf, and seafood, a coalition of 60 international associations is working to reduce the chance that they find something else: plastic marine litter.

No one goes to the beach longing to wiggle their toes in discarded plastic.

To reduce the likelihood that beachgoers and marine wildlife will encounter plastic where they expect to find clean water and sand, a coalition of dozens of plastics industry associations around the world has been working to combat plastic marine litter. Its latest progress report has good news.