Water cooler gets self-collapsible packaging design 

By Kari Embree, Published: November 18th, 2015

It’s a staple in the workplace and synonymous with people gathering together to discuss last night’s season finale of the latest show. And now the water cooler is getting a green makeover with its new collapsible packaging design to improve collection efforts for recycling. 

It’s highly likely that if you have a water cooler in your house or workplace, it’s a large PET dispenser bottle which is much lighter than traditional glass versions, which weigh close to 20 kg in their five-gallon versions. A regular multi-trip PET dispenser bottle—when it sits on a dispensing unit that has a refrigeration system incorporated into it—weighs around 650 g by contrast.

UK-based plastics recycling campaign, Pledge 4 Plastics, has launched a short film that spreads awareness on the various ways in which plastics packaging can be recycled in order to increase collection efforts. Led by member-based plastics recycling organization Recoup (Peterborough, United Kingdom), the campaign points out how people in the UK toss out 15 million plastic bottles that could be recycled and used to create a range of useful items.

The 60-second video exposes the ‘secret lives’ that pieces of plastic packaging lead after they are recycled. It also places emphasis on bottles and pots, tubs and trays (PTT), of which only 30% are recycled from UK households every year.