Petainer launches plastic beer keg 

European Plastics News staffPosted 8 March 2011 9:01 am GMTPackaging technology firm Petainer has launched an environmentally-friendly keg, made of recyclable PET, for draught beverages.Nigel Pritchard, chief executive officer of Petainer, said in a statement: “The Petainer Keg offers a significant breakthrough in the sales and marketing of volume beer, wine and other beverages. It opens up new channels and markets and provides a step change in environmental performance – as well as reducing costs and improving cash flow.”The keg is environmentally friendly because they are fully recyclable and the lightweight construction reduces the supply chain impact, says Petainer. Some 20-30% more liquid can be transported on a single vehicle using the 20 litre Petainer Keg than with a standard metal keg, it claims.

Posted by Anne Marie Mohan2 days ago | The new organization, formed by leading CPGs, will encourage a science-based approach and will represent the interests of the industry in public policymaking.Leading U.S. corporations have announced that they are taking steps to create a new packaging trade organization. AMERIPENwill engage on public policies impacting the packaging value chain on topics related to packaging and the environment, and will represent the interests of the industry, which includes raw material producers, packaging manufacturers, packaging users and fillers, retailers, and material recovery organizations.